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        Medium speed printing machine
        • TL180N intaglio printing machine

        TL180N intaglio printing machine

        Category:Medium speed printing machine

        Summary:Gravure press, medium speed gravure press

        National Advisory Service Hotline:0755-29783957


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        Functional characteristics of TL180N high speed intaglio printing machine

        ■ Mechanical shaft drive

        ■ Fully automatic seven motor control

        ■ Non decelerating automatic feeding

        ■ Shaftless air top plate

        ■ Longitudinal automatic control

        ■ Electric scraper device

        ■ Independent uncoreless shaft air top type collecting material frame

        ■ Single touch screen operation

        ■ Drying heat source: electricity, steam, hot oil, natural gas, etc.

        ■ Image visualizer

        ■ Double touch screen control (selection)

        ■ Reverse printing unit (selection)

        ■ Import and export material correction device (selection)

        ■ Printing speed:160~190m/min(comprehensive factors such as material, edition week, edition length etc.);

        ■ Printing material: glass paper 20~30μ PET 12~60μ OPP 20~60μ PE 40~100μ CPP 20~60μ Composite membrane 15~60μ

        ■ Strip width:600-1500mm

        ■ Printing diameter:120-280mm

        ■ Coil diameter:600-1500mm

        Order:TL180N intaglio printing machine

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